Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Yoga Care?

Yoga Care is a family owned and operated business focused on enhancing the quality of life of the elderly through seniors yoga and Pilates. Owners Debra and James Gillis experienced first hand the decline in physical health and mental clarity of an elderly family member, who did not have access to a regular exercise regime. This inspired the mother and son team to set out to improve the quality of life of the elderly through the benefits of a regular yoga and or Pilates practice. Debra has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and James has extensive business development experience within the health and fitness industry.

Can you cater for residents with limited mobility / high level health conditions?

Yes, each class is designed to suit the needs of each individual participant. We require a quick snap shot of information about each participant in order to identify common health conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, pain and heart conditions.


Yoga Care’s seniors trained teacher then formulates a class routine which incorporates exercises suited to the mobility and health conditions of each individual participant. For example; chair bound participants will  do separate exercises to the more mobile seniors.

Where in Australia do you operate?

Yoga Care’s head office is based in Sydney, NSW. We offer our services Australia  wide with qualified yoga and Pilates  teachers in each capital city.

What if we have more than 20 participants?

Group classes are capped at 20 participants to ensure the teacher is able to safely provide suitable attention to each individual. We cater for back to back classes at a discounted rate.

Will we get the same teacher every week?

Yes. After identifying the health conditions and goals of the participants Yoga Care selects the most suitable teacher.

However if the participants want t try someone new please advise and we will assign a new teacher to the class. A cover teacher will also be allocated to your facility.


Do you provide classes for staff?

Yes. Yoga Care also provides custom designed classes for staff as many carers undergo stresses within the workplace and a regular yoga / Pilates  practice  provides the perfect release.