Senior Yoga & Pilates

As the human body ages it begins to deteriorate physically and mentally, more focus needs to be placed on engaging in activities which increase the mobility and longevity of the body and mind.

Yoga Care specializes in enhancing the quality of life of seniors through tailor designed yoga and or Pilates group classes and 1:1 sessions taught by qualified teachers, held at your location of choice. Yoga Care’s owners Debra and James Gilles experienced first hand the decline in physical health and mental clarity of an elderly family member, who did not have access to a regular exercise regime. This inspired Debra (an established yoga teacher) and James to improve the quality of life of the elderly by exposing them to the benefits of a regular yoga and or Pilates practice designed to suit each individuals needs.


After the initial three sessions, an increase in the participants overall health and well being is guaranteed or the investment is refunded.